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Frequently Asked Questions

Why don’t we give cash instead of EFT?

EFT is the safest way for both client and us as you know the risks involved in dealing with cash are quite high. This is a safety measure to protect you our client from any possible fraud.

Why don’t we give more than forty thousand in 60 months?

Plans are underway to make an upward adjustment on the max loan amount

Why do we need the pre-approval from employer when the client is getting for the second or third loan?

This is in line with the 40% GRZ take home pay & Guarantee our collection & not to lend to overcommitted clients.

How long does it take for the loan to be paid?

If all the documents are in order & CRB Report is clean, a loan application submitted at 08:00hrs at any of our offices should be paid the same day before close of business.

What does Izwe as the name mean or stand for?

Izwe is a Zulu word that means WORLD.

Why do you only service Government Workers and not individuals not on government payroll?

We also lend to Private payroll where an MOU is in place.

Do you allow early settlements if a client desires to?

Yes we do early settlements when clients desires.

Do you offer top ups?

Yes we do.

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